What makes Equine Provisions Synergetic | Equine Supplements worthy of attention and a wise choice for horses?

  • The first-ever gender specific products for male and female horses.
  • The quality and sources of nutrients.
  • The combinations and ratios of nutrients.
  • The products accommodate seasonal and lifestyle needs.
  • They are freshly made and all natural, with organic ingredients.
  • The products are medically compatible and cooperative.
  • The products can be used independently and/or work efficiently together.
  • They are performance enhancing.

We purposefully put performance enhancing last, why?

If horsemen use the products efficiently and as designed, then elevated performance will be the result. Horses perform best when all body systems are fully nourished from the inside-out. This foundation is crucial so your horses can excel before, during and after exertion. Our products help ensure longevity to both career expectations and the horses’ lifespan.


Equine Provisions is a new generation company born from Equine Nutritional Consultants (ENC) that specialized in custom order supplements for more than 25 years. ENC served thousands of high performance horses including two Breeders Cup Winners (Unbridled Song-1995 and Cajun Beat-2003), along with stake horses, event horses, Standardbreds, stallions, mares, Grand Prix jumpers, cherished riding horses and companions. Many of our clients’ horses had difficult health challenges; some medically dependent, others medically resistant.

Today, Equine Provisions continues to press forward by producing the finest, most comprehensive nutraceuticals available. We approach your horses’s health from a balanced, foundational perspective. All of the supplements work synergetically with each other and cooperatively with most medical protocols. Instead of buying numerous products that overlap vitamins and minerals and cause unforeseen imbalances, our products are PROVEN to work independently and together. Why turn supplementation into a guessing game of which product will work efficiently with another?

Equine Provisions has passed scientific and performance expectations of top horsemen!

Pictured to the left: Mare – Rate of Exchange by Exchange Rate with Tonalist colt. Mare is on Vita-Mineral Formula, Essential Oil Blend, and completed a one month course of ULC-RID prior to foaling (No Foal Heat Diarrhea). Photo By Tom Chalin