Equine Provisions

Equine Provisions
approaches a horses’s health from a balanced, foundational perspective and all of the supplements work synergetically with each other and cooperatively with most medical protocols. The products are synergetic because they don’t overlap nutrients in a haphazard, imbalanced manner; which can be more harmful than effective. They work cooperatively because supplements should enhance medication therapy, not hinder progress. Top quality medical care is most valuable when paired with top quality individualized nutrition. We have done our homework!

Equine nutrition is most successful as a lifestyle. It begins with asking the right questions. For example, a gorgeous coat on a horse is desirable, but it is not always a full measure of complete health. Horses can have a shiny coat but still harbor health issues. So the right questions are: does your horse have ulcers, a low thyroid, breathing problems, bleed or have low WBC’s (white blood cell count), painful joints, allergies, etc.? Equine Provisions helps make horses look physically fantastic, which is a true reflection of internal health.

Horses will benefit when they maintain elevated health. Equine Provisions products help regulate, promote, and restore proper body functions. They nourish the entire system and meet fluctuating needs as dictated by gender, age, and performance requirements.

Silver Summation | Trainer – William Hall | Jockey – Calvin Borel | Reed Palmer Photography | (Used Vita-Mineral Formula, ULC-RID, BLEEDERID)
What makes Equine Provisions products worthy of attention and a wise choice for horses?
  • The first-ever, gender-specific products for male and female horses.
  • The quality and sources of nutrients.
  • The combinations and ratios of nutrients.
  • The products accommodate seasonal and lifestyle needs.
  • They are freshly made and all natural, with organic ingredients.
  • The products are medically compatible and cooperative.
  • The products can be used independently and/or work efficiently together.
  • They are performance enhancing.

The first-ever, gender-specific Vita-Mineral Formula:

Do colts/geldings nurse foals?
Do fillies/mares stand stud?
Of course not! So why should you supplement them the same?

Horses may look alike and perform together, but their needs are different. Think about it: men and women have differing lifestyle, physical and nutritional demands and horses are no different than this. Equine Provisions makes small adjustments to enhance the health of ALL horses. We focus on the detail of individual needs.


The nutrients included in the products are all human-grade of the highest quality. This is opposed to feed grade: warehouse sources that compromise most equine supplements.

Our products DO NOT contain:

    • Ground up rocks, bones and toxic metals
    • Synthetic supplement sources
    • Additives/preservatives
    • Harmful chemicals
    • Excess sugar to enforce appetite

These ingredients are harmful and often toxic to the equine system causing poor digestion and assimilation, sluggish circulation, adverse altercation of body processes, damage to organs, muscles, joints and tissues (especially the sensitive stomach lining) and ultimately, provide little energy for the horse’s needs.

Adding preservatives to products to increase shelf-life for unreasonable durations of time, strips the product of nutritional value. Horses are not scavengers, so they do not forage dead and dying carcasses and old, moldy food way past its prime.

Thoroughbred Yearling after 3 months on Vita-Mineral Formula, ULC-RID, EPReviva-Min, and Essential Oil Blend


Equine nutrition is both a science and art. Understanding the horses needs is a matter of research and skilled, experienced horsemanship along with quality medical care.

Equine Provisions has made intentional choices based on these principles. We have more than 35 years of experience with vitamins , minerals, herbs, homeopathics, raw glandulars, accessory factors (such as glucosamine sulfate) as well as vegetables, forages and fruits that are compatible and nutritive for the equine physiology. All of the nutrient sources are human-grade quality.

Equine Provisions’ products adhere to the specific needs of horses in the most natural, nourishing delivery as possible.


We use the finest nutrients in successful combinations and ratios to build a foundation for lifestyle health that will result in optimum performance.

Some examples of efficient ratios include:

  • Male/female ratios
  • Sodium to Potassium
  • Calcium to Magnesium
  • Seasonal ratios
  • Age/energy ratios

All of these ratios are carefully attended to in our products. These are the details that help us EXCEL.


The products have just the right shelf-life. Equine Provisions promises the products are freshly made in small batches and contain natural and/or organic sources. They are free of toxic additions and sources that alter the beneficial properties of the ingredients.

Horsemen will be pleased and not inconvenienced by committing to Equine Provisions’ products.


Equine Provisions offer the first-ever, season-specific products.

Consider the horses instinctive patterns. In nature, horses have an efficient palate. If allowed to forage in an abundant environment, horses will graze as the seasons dictate and seek an assortment of vegetation. In the fall/winter horses crave the concentrated nutrition in roots or the bark off a tree to supplement the fresh spring grasses, leaves and herbs. The ideal feeding and supplement program tries to mimic their inherent needs while supporting performance demands.

That’s why Equine Provisions’ Vita-Mineral Formula with balanced Electrolytes, the Essential Oil Blend and Reviva-Min/electrolytes (single-dose) are designed to meet fall/winter needs and spring/summer needs as they change.

Why give horses winter electrolytes in the summer and summer electrolytes in the winter?

Serving electrolytes is not just a matter of increasing and decreasing dosages or increasing and decreasing frequency of those dosages as commonly practiced.

For example, in the summer a horses’ sweat glands expand for efficient sweating and in the winter the horse retains more heat. Horsemen that give the same electrolytes year-round may be interfering with the horses capacity to sweat properly. Even horses in warmer climates experience mild seasonal changes. Accommodating electrolyte ratios, specifically Sodium (contracting) to Potassium (expanding), are crucial to maintaining optimum balance year round.

It is a natural cycle that has enduring purpose.


While Equine Provisions products and information are not meant to diagnose or prescribe, we don’t make claims that we have and we have done our homework!

Through extensive field research and controlled studies conducted by veterinarians and accomplished horsemen, we have surpassed scrutiny and have delivered excellence in health and performance results.

QUESTION: If horses today have all their nutritional needs met through “fortified” feed, quality hay, grazing, fresh water and preventative medical care, then why do the majority of horses suffer so many different lifestyle health issues requiring repeated medical treatment?

Millions of horses receive multiple courses of antibiotics as babies and 100% of horses suffer stomach irritation and/or ulcers in their lifetime, and the list goes on. Many of the ailments are a reflection of a compromised inward condition and weakened, susceptible immune system.

Equine Provisions’ products are proven to perform well with medically-resistant and medically-dependent issues often in horses with the highest exertion demands. They are designed as cooperative with each other and complimentary with most medical protocols.


We purposefully put performance enhancement last, why?

Because once horsemen have combined all of the elements for elevated health, then an increase in energy levels and improved performance will be a result.

Horses perform best when ALL body systems are fully nourished from the inside-out. This foundation is crucial so horses can excel before, during and after exertion. When their nutritional needs are met, they experience higher digestibility and absorption with reduced irritation, toxic build up and subsequently lower inflammation. This gives longevity to both career expectations and the horses’ lifespan.

Equine Provisions products are a lifestyle program for ALL horses. Our company has made equine health smarter and easier in application and results.

Provisions means “before seeing” to prepare ahead, help prevent issues, provide energy demands and restore for rapid recovery!

*Product photos by Bill Caine Photography (859)684-1604 billcaine.com