What separates Equine Provisions products from other supplement companies? 

Equine Provisions products are set apart for numerous reasons:

  • First-ever, gender specific supplements for male and female horses — because their needs are different
  • Products fully accommodate for horses’ seasonal and lifestyle needs
  • Includes: fresh-batch, all natural, organic and human-grade ingredients
  • Does not include: ground-up rocks, bones, toxic metals (oxides), synthetics or harmful chemicals and preservatives — these ingredients are commonly found in other equine supplements
  • Work efficiently with and do not overlap other nutrients which would haphazardly cause harmful imbalances
  • Cooperative and compatible with most medical protocols
  • Nourishes entire system, elevates health and improves performance

Equine Provisions high performance products build a strong foundation from the inside out and the specialty formulas address resistant issues more effectively than any other supplements. They are called high performance products because of the high level of results they achieve for every horses needs.

Are Equine Provisions Products F.E.I. Safe?

Product Ingredient List- F.E.I. Safe

Equine Provisions products do not contain the following substances:


  • Cayenne (exception- BLEEDERID contains cayenne- NOT F.E.I. safe)***see note
  • Capsicum
  • Chamomile
  • Passion Flower
  • Black Walnut
  • Skullcap
  • Rosemary
  • Valerian
  • Lavender
  • Devils Claw
  • White Willow Bark


  • No salicylic acid – aspirin containing compounds
  • No caffeine containing products
  • No L’ tyrosine- thyroid altering
  • No GABA- Gamma-Aminobutyric acid – calming agent
  • No Casein- mammalian milk protein

ULC-RID- does not increase Blood Gas –  test conducted by Clara Fenger DVM

ULC-RID contains no substances that raise (TCO2) levels


Why does the VitaMineral Formula contain balanced electrolytes?

Why not keep your horses hydrated as a lifestyle?  One reason they dehydrate is because they have an insufficient mineral balance to maintain proper hydration. We include low level electrolytes to secure efficient fluid balance as a lifestyle. When horses require additional electrolytes for heavy exertion, diarrhea, etc. we suggest the RevivaMin (2oz/ single dose electrolyte) which is customized for this purpose.

Horses re-hydrate more quickly when their fluid balance is maintained daily as in the VitaMineral Formula w/balanced electrolytes and then supplement as needed with RevivaMin.

The minerals in our products are amino acid chelated for better absorption. The ratios of minerals are optimum for equines and the sources of ingredients are all the highest human-grade. All of our products are manufactured in our own facility for quality control and without unsanitary equipment or cross contamination of any undesirable by-products like many warehouse, feed-grade horse supplements contain.

Why are gender-specific vitamins important for horses?

Do colts and geldings nurse foals? Do fillies and mares stand at stud? Of course not! So, why supplement them the same?

Equine Provisions VitaMineral Formula w/balanced electrolytes (female) include low doses of:

  • Calcium/ magnesium: to help females with muscle contraction and relaxation
  • Vitamin E/selenium: for muscle integrity
  • Chelated iron: a blood builder
  • Pituitary glandular- to help support a healthy hormone balance and mood
  • Note: fillies and mares that tend to ty-up can be helped with this VitaMineral Formula

VitaMineral Formula w/balanced electrolytes (male) include low doses of:

  • Zinc: a male hormone support
  • Chelated iron: a  blood builder
  • Note: chelated means the mineral has been attached to an amino acid for better absorption into the body

What are “seasonal products” and why are they important?

Equine Provisions believes in order to nourish a horse as a lifestyle, you must accommodate for their natural physiology. To do this, we make minor changes in the spring/summer and fall/winter to the following products:

  • VitaMineral Formula w/ balanced electrolytes
  • RevivaMin (single dose electrolytes)
  • Essential Oil Blend

Electrolytes: horsemen are using the same electrolytes with higher sodium content year-round, and this is in direct conflict with the equine system. We change our electrolytes seasonally in this way:

  • Spring/Summer: there is an increase the ratio of Potassium to Sodium to help expand sweat glands for efficient sweating
  • Fall/Winter: we increase the Sodium to Potassium ratio to retain warmth.

Herbs: in all of our products, we use only horse-friendly, lifestyle herbs that horses naturally crave and graze on. Herbs are saturated with nutrients and are not just medicinal, they are a key component to the equine herbivore diet. We change our herbal amounts seasonally in this way:

  • Spring/Summer: horses naturally eat the leafy greens, sprouts and spring grasses. We use the leafier portion of the herbs, chlorophyll content.
  • Fall/Winter: horses seek out the concentrated nutrition that is found in roots, so we decrease the leafy greens and increase the root portion of the herbs.

Essential Oil Blend: we don’t change the oil blend seasonally just to have a unique product. We change our Essential Oil Blend seasonally in this way:

  • Spring/Summer: our product is lighter to increase metabolism
  • Fall/Winter: our product is heavier to help horses retain warmth

How long do I need to feed my horse ULC-RID?

It depends on the issue and demands of the horse.

Riding horses and horses that have minimal career demands should do a course: approximately  ½ to 1 gallon of ULC-RID a few times per year to encourage healthy stomach and gut tissue, restore friendly bacteria in G.I tract, promote proper digestion, etc.

Horses that show regularly may require more frequent to daily maintenance. Horses with ulcers, racehorses, grand prix horses and horses that have high exertion careers need to maintain on ULC-RID. Mares, foals, weanlings, yearlings, sale horses etc. can use ULC-RID as indicated for foal-heat diarrhea, foal grass scours, sales prepping, coat, appetite, ulcers, etc.

Other instances that ULC-RID works remarkably well for are improving appetite, nervousness, transporting, to soothe the stomach after medication applications, post antibiotic therapy, colic, etc.

Consult your veterinarian

What do horse owners say about ULC-RID?

ULC-RID has been around for more than 25 yrs. It has helped thousands of horses and it is as close to a miracle in a bottle as any natural product can get. Horsemen see the profound need for it and horses absolutely love it not because it is sugar laden like candy, but because it tastes good to them and they know they need it.

It is our best seller, and we receive high praise for its performance!

What key ingredients make up ULC-RID?

ULC-RID contains a highly effective combination of horse-friendly, F.E.I. safe/race- friendly herbs, vitamins, minerals, live probiotics, and homeopathic cell salts that are proven to help the entire equine G.I. tract. ULC-RID contains no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

ULC-RID must be refrigerated because it contains probiotics that must be alive to inhabit the equine intestinal tract. Dead and dying probiotic carcasses are the potential diet for bacteria and other filthy pathogens to thrive on. In addition, adding chemical preservatives diminishes nutritional value and kills any hope of live flora. Horsemen are often serving products with dead probiotics that ultimately increase unhealthy overgrowth in the horse’s gut—money wasted.

We are committed to serving the most effective product and horsemen will see refrigeration as a benefit too!

Is it true that Essential Oil Blend can help my underweight or overweight horse?

Horses can be underweight for numerous reasons, but generally a combination of factors. It is best to determine the cause of weight issues which may include: ulcers, poor feed choices,  malnutrition, poor feed to exercise ratio, limited roughage and grazing, parasites, illness, over active thyroid/metabolism, poor absorption and assimilation of nutrients, nervousness, field “bullying” causing deprivation—to name a few. Consult your veterinarian.

Having said that, using our Essential Oil Blend is opportunity to help restore weight to most horses. This product is essential to use for the overall health benefits because of the quality of the oils, the choice of oils and the fact that they change seasonally to accommodate the horses’ metabolic needs. Then weight gain or weight loss becomes more a matter of how much to serve to meet the desired result.

Why did Equine Provisions choose these particular oils for the essential oil blend?

Manufacturers have sadly replaced some excellent oils. Horsemen are prey to fad diets and fad products (including oils) in horses. Oils we do not prefer for horses are:

Corn oil: unless it is cold-pressed and packaged properly because it is often poor quality and goes rancid quickly.

Soybean oil: soy is a goitrogen, it tends to “drop” the thyroid which slows the metabolism and compromises the immune system.

Rice bran oil:  rice bran oil is acidic and that makes it unsuitable for the equine stomach.

Fish oil:  equine health is best achieved by adhering to their physiology. Horses are herbivores, they do not graze alongside ponds and eat fish. Fish oil is great for humans, dogs, and cats.

Some of the oils mentioned above may help produce a good coat, but we can accomplish that without causing an issue somewhere else like these un-digestible, acid-forming, and thyroid affecting oils do.

Equine Provisions Essential Oil Blend has the highest quality, human grade, cold-pressed, and/or organic oils. They are seasonal to adhere to your horse’s needs and they promote a gorgeous coat from the inside-out!

What issues does the Essential Oil Blend help with?

Our oils: promote healthy coat and weight management, proper muscle function, boost immune system, work as a natural anti-inflammatory, ease joint and muscle pain, promote healthy joint function and flexibility, cardiovascular health, lubricates irritated stomach lining, anti-bacterial properties, repair tissue, help regulate nervous system, antioxidants, help regulate metabolism, provide food for friendly bacteria in G.I. tract, and are a source of vitamin E, B complex, etc.

How does BLEEDERID work?

BLEEDERID is a Race- Friendly product. It is not F.E.I safe (showhorses, eventers) because it contains cayenne pepper as one of the key ingredients. Unfortunately, cayenne is a banned substance by the F.E.I , which is a shame because when used properly in BLEEDERID it is very effective for terminating capillary hemorrhage.

The combination of nutrients in our product work to address the multifaceted nutritional imbalances and stress related issues that contribute to bleeding during heavy exertion.

BLEEDERID is a Specialty Formula that is most effective when used with the VitaMineral Formula to re-establish a healthy balance and ULC-RID, because horses that bleed often need stomach and gut tissue attended to as well.

Consult your veterinarian.

How do I use  BLEEDERID?

Horsemen use the VitaMineral Formula w/balanced electrolytes and ULC-RID as a lifestyle. The Specialty Formula BLEEDERID is an oral application which is used as needed. For example, if a horse has just bled through medication, we recommend you use the product as a course for a few days to support recovery.

Then administer product as directed on label prior to heavy exertion and post heavy exertion (i.e. works, races etc.) Discontinue until next circumstance as recommended.

Equine nutrition is an art as well as science, and many horsemen learn how to make minor adjustments to our product recommendations to customize them to a particular horse’s needs. These products are somewhat flexible and perform as intended.

Consult your veterinarian.

When do most horse owners see the results from BLEEDERID?

Horses that bleed from the lungs during heavy exertion need time to heal successfully. Most horses that are repeat bleeders through medication are rested sufficiently (3 weeks or more), but tend to continue bleeding during heavy exertion.

Our product is not meant to replace proper veterinary care or reduce recommended rest or treatment for EIPH (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage).
Horsemen have found BLEEDERID performs beyond expectations. This Specialty Product when used properly demonstrates how balancing the system nutritionally and cooperatively with your Veterinarian’s protocol, along with incorporating sound horsemanship can often render effective results.

How long do I need to keep my horse on EPrevivaMin?

EPrevivaMin is not sold as an individual product. We would love to address the issue effectively with one product; however, we need to attend to the needs of the whole horse. This is best accomplished using the program which includes: the foundation of VitaMineral Formula w/balanced electrolytes and the EprevivaMin.

These products work together to completely nourish a horses’ entire system, to build up the compromised immune system, to destroy and properly eliminate protozoa in a safe and timely manner, to attend to neurological changes, to address atrophy and muscle integrity, etc.

The two products work cooperatively with each other by not overlapping nutrients and are compatible with most medical protocols. *Horses also benefit from using the Essential Oil Blend as a lifestyle product.

Horses live year-round on the VitaMineral Formula and use the Specialty Formula EPrevivaMin as a course. Generally, a course is anywhere from 3-4 months with suggestions to repeat within a year. We recommend you follow directions as indicated on the label.  It is important to be aggressive and committed to the desired result if your horse is benefiting from the program.

Consult your veterinarian.