Essential Oil Blend (32 oz.)


F.E.I. safe product/ Race-Friendly product

Seasonal Specialty Product – Equine Provisions changes the seasonal products automatically every March for (Spring-Summer) and October for( Fall/Winter)

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Equine Provisions offers the Essential Oil Blend as a seasonal Product. We contend that horses need lighter, efficient oil blends in the warmer months of spring/summer and the heavier, warmth retaining oil blends in the cooler months fall/winter.


Spring/Summer Blend – Lighter blend to increase metabolism.

Fall/Winter Blend – Heavier blend to retain warmth

SAFFLOWER OIL – Helps control imbalanced muscle contractions, manage blood sugar, helps boost immune system, helps ease joint and muscle pain, high vitamin e content

EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – Anti-inflammatory, coats irritated stomach lining, antioxidant, pain reduction, may  improve function of lining of blood vessels, has anti-bacterial properties

WHEAT GERM (organic) – One of the most concentrated sources of vitamin E, helps control imbalanced muscle contractions, contains B complex, antioxidants, helps repair tissue, helps regulate nervous system, promotes healthy coat, fights fat accumulation,helps regulate blood sugar.

FLAXSEED OIL (organic) – Mucilage (soothing to stomach lining), healthy coat, lignans(high in antioxidants), helps provide food for friendly bacteria in equine gastrointestinal tract, improves cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory for joints, promotes healthy joint function and movement.

* Does not contain acid-forming Rice Bran Oil – stomach irritant
* Keep Product closed and in a cool, dark location.

Recommended Dosage

Racehorses/High performance horses/active Stallions1-2 ounces/ daily

Promote weight gain/ pregnant lactating mares1-2 ounces/ daily

Moderate Exercise/overweight horses1 ounce/3-4x week

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 4 x 4 in