ULC-RID (128 Fluid Ounces – 1 Gallon)


F.E.I. safe product/ Race-Friendly product

ULC-RID™ is an all-natural, timeless product (developed 25 years ago) that combines herbs, LIVE probiotics, vitamins, minerals and homeopathic cell salts in a proven formula intended for the equine stomach and hindgut.

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Healthy, Effective, and Affordable!

It is the first-ever equine G.I. Tract nutraceutical with effectiveness supported by endoscopic studies. ULC-RID™ is a product horsemen can use confidently as a lifestyle supplement to help with stomach/gut maintenance.

Endoscopic Study conducted by Equine Medicine & Surgery, Louisville, KY, using GastroGard and following up with just ULC-Rid for 3 months
Endoscopic Study conducted by Equine Medicine & Surgery, Louisville, KY, using (ULC-Rid-60cc/orally/2x daily)

ULC-RID™ has many beneficial properties for the stomach/hindgut:

 ULC-RID™ is:      
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-septic
  • Anti-putrefactive (useful when tissues and fluids are altered with septic or putrefactive action)
  • LIVE probiotics (helps restore healthy intestinal bacteria). Dead and dying probiotics are not healthy, and they do not have a durable shelf life outside of refrigeration
  • Mucilage (gel-like with a soothing consistency)
 ULC-RID™ also:
  • Helps neutralize stomach acid and balances the horse’s PH
  • Helps improve circulation to the stomach and G.I. tract
  • Helps terminate any internal capillary bleeding
  • Helps repair, restore, and promote new cell growth
  • Helps arrest inflammation

“I have incorporated ULC-RID™ in my practice as part of our ulcer management recommendations. I highly encourage other veterinarians and horsemen to do the same. It is a well-researched, accurate and effective program for the prevention and maintenance of ulcers!”

-Kerry Ridgway, DVM

 ULC-RID™ is a progressive product that is:
  • Nutritive-has a high vitamin/mineral content
  • Palatable
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Encourages appetite
  • Helps reduce stress and nervousness
  • Studies indicate ULC-RID™ is useful for Foal-heat diarrhea*

Why Refrigerate Probiotics?

Marketing and convenience has horsemen thinking that probiotics can be served from the shelf. The truth is they are short-lived. Compare today’s equine probiotic products with milk, would you drink room temperature milk that has been sitting out?

Probiotics must be ALIVE to inhabit the equine intestinal tract. Dead and dying probiotic carcasses are the potential diet that bacteria and other filthy pathogens THRIVE ON. Further, adding chemical preservatives to prolong deterioration helps destroy nutritional value.

Many horsemen are serving products with dead probiotics that ultimately increase unhealthy overgrowth in the equine gut. Money Wasted.

Equine Provisions will not compromise. ULC-RID™ must be refrigerated because it contains viable probiotics and does not contain property altering preservatives or harmful chemicals. Once horsemen are committed to serving the most effective product, refrigeration will be important to them, too.


Organic herbs including: echinacea angustifolia and purpurea, licorice root, marshmallow root, slippery elm, homeopathic cell salts, live probiotics, vitamins, trace minerals and accessory factors such as fatty acids and allantoin. Made with purified water. Flavored with unsulfured blackstrap molasses. Contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients.


  • Sold in 128 fl. oz./1 gallon
  • Shake lightly prior to use
  • Administer with oral syringe
  • Not meant to replace veterinary care
  • Consult your veterinarian as needed
  • Race friendly-will not test 
    *Does not raise TCo2 levels 

* Blood Gas study conducted Clara Fenger, DVM

Suggested Dosage for Adult Horses

  • Racehorses– 60cc orally/2x day prior to feeding/training. If possible-6-7 days per week.  May take 2-3 days periodic breaks from product, then resume.
  • High-Exertion Performance/Show Horses– 60cc orally/1-2x daily as needed.  May take 2-3 days periodic breaks from product, then resume.
  • Gastritis/Colic– Stomach and/or intestinal inflammation/irritation, 60cc orally/2x day prior to feeding.
  • Ulcers– 60cc orally/2x day prior to feeding.  May take 2-3 days periodic breaks from product, then resume.
  • Maintenance/Prevention– 10-14 day course per month, 60cc orally prior to feeding.
  • Top Dress– Studies have indicated “top dressing” ULC-RID ™ can be effective.  Not recommended for confirmed ulcers.  Top Dress after 30-60 days of oral application only.  Resume oral application as needed.
  • Post-Antibiotic– Use as a probiotic, 60cc orally/1x day/30 days.
  • Transport Vehicle– When administering oral medications/wormers-use this product as a carrier and soothing agent, 60cc orally with or after drug application.
  • Pre-Race– To help soothe/coat the G.I. tract and relieve an empty stomach prior to performance, give 60cc orally within 60-90 minutes of exertion.
  • Sales Preparation– Helps promote weight gain/healthy coat, 60cc orally daily-60 days prior to sale.
  • Shipping Horses– 60cc orally prior to shipping.
  • Foal Heat Diarrhea– Mares-give 60cc orally/1x daily, 8 weeks prior to foaling.  Foals-give 15-20cc/1-2x daily as needed.

Suggested Dosage for Young Horses

  • Weanlings/Yearlings– 40-60cc as recommended above.
  • Foals– 20cc as recommended above.


Foundation Products/ resting from all supplements 1 day/week

Product                            Daily Dosage           Approximate Cost

Vita-Mineral Formula                  1/2 oz/day                         $.98/day

Vita-Mineral Formula                  3/4 oz/day                         $1.46/day

Vita-Mineral Formula                  1 oz/day                             $1.95/day

Vita-Mineral Formula                  2 oz/day                             $3.91/day

ULC-RID                                        1/2 oz/day                          $.49/day

ULC-RID                                        1 oz/day                              $.98/day

ULC-RID                                        2 oz/day                              $1.95/day

ULC-RID                                        4 oz/day                              $3.91/day

Field Study*

Eight pregnant mares with a history of consecutive babies with foal-heat diarrhea were put on ULC-RID™ a minimum of three weeks prior to foaling. Six of the mares’ foals did not have foal-heat diarrhea using ULC-RID™. One foal suffered foal-heat diarrhea and was not improved with ULC-RID™ alone, but did improve with the combination of ULC-RID™ and Kaopectate. The remaining foal experienced mild foal-heat diarrhea. (2007)

Distributed by: Equine Provisions, Midway, Kentucky 40347

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Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 in

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